I am wanting a rugby voucher code

You get these codes from the course facilitator from your local provincial union. Every year it is compulsory to attend a RugbySmart or Small Blacks coaching course – you receive your FREE voucher then.


I have attended the course this year and but did not receive a code.

Unfortunately you need to get these from your local course facilitator


I lost my voucher

You need to contact your course facilitator from your local provincial union.


I would like access to your skills and drills. How do I go about this from overseas?

You need to Sign Up and this will cost you $50NZ for a one-year subscription.


I just want to visit the site and have a look

If you go to the RugbySmart section, this is free to all to view – this will give you a taste of what to expect.


I have forgotten my username or password

Click on LOGIN and click forgot password – you can enter your email and this should help.


I am trying to enter the NEW site

If you were a previous site member, please reset your password by clicking on FORGOT PASSWORD and enter your username below before signing in for the first time.


Just updated to the new coaching toolbox and can't access it due to having no code.

This usually means your subscription has run out and you need to enter a new voucher code for this year.


My Coaching Toolbox code didn't work; could I get another one please?

Yes, you can from your course facilitator, but it didn’t work because it is probably not a current one for this year or you have entered this instead of your username or password.


Have been asked to reset password and now asked to reapply when I click on coaching skills and drills

This probably means your subscription has run out – you need a new voucher code.