Fitness Planner

Rugby skills are only part of the game, so as a coach you need to balance these with keeping your team fit, healthy and in peak condition.

So we've put together a great tool to help you manage the physical prep and fitness of your players. Simply create a new plan, then configure it to suit the player based on their age, existing level of conditioning, position and whether they're currently in-season, off-season or pre-season.

Using this information our Fitness Planner will instantly produce a weekly workout plan for the player.

You can create as many plans as you need and you can save them as a PDF, making them easy to distrubute to your players. Or, tell your players to sign up here and create their own plan. It's free!

PLAYERS, you'll need to be logged into your account to get started, so Sign up or login to start using the Fitness Planner now.