Health Provider Engagement

This module provides the tools and decision making aids to allow health providers to manage concussion injuries more effectively.


This innovative programme is designed to improve the way concussion injuries are managed. Serious concussion injuries can result in permanent disability or even death. In recent times, we’ve seen an increase in concussion injuries due to greater awareness and better reporting systems such as the introduction of the Blue Card for Concussion Initiative. Our aim is to build off work that’s been done to ensure all parts of the concussion management process from the player, family, team, Provincial Union, NZRU, NZ Rugby Foundation and medical practitioners work together to provide the best possible outcome for those affected.


  • We are introducing a smartphone app that allows team mangers (or designated person) to create a baseline player concussion profile for each player using the internationally recognised Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 3rd Ed. (SCAT3) test. This test comprises of questions and simple activities and takes around five minutes to complete. 
  • The information is securely stored in a cloud database that can only be accessed by medical practitioners. 
  • If a player is removed from the field of play due to concussion or is issued with a Blue Card, they are immediately stood down and it is strongly recommended they seek medical attention within 24 hours. The team manager (or designated person) uses an automated response to inform the player, their family, Provincial Union, NZRU and NZ Rugby Foundation of the injury to initiate the appropriate response. The player is also provided with the Graduated Return to Play guidelines and a unique identifier to give to the medical practitioner. This identifier allows the practitioner to access the player’s baseline concussion profile to prescribe a tailored Return to Play plan. 


  • To enhance player safety and welfare 
  • To improve concussion management and reinforce current processes 
  • To support player recovery and long-term health 


In 2017 we are trialling the baseline concussion profile in selected Provincial Unions with secondary school players. Our intention is to expand the programme over the coming years to include all players from secondary school to adult rugby.

For more information, contact Joe Harawira (NZR RugbySmart Manager) on 021 034 3691 or Alternatively, you can contact Danielle Salmon (NZR Research Analyst) at