The Game

We've grouped together a whole lot of useful resources to help coaches of all age grades develop their skills. Rugby is an ever-changing game, so here's your way to stay ahead of the pack with the latest information, articles and updates for your easy reference.

Rugby 101

Look at the basics of our game through these videos.

Knowledge Base

Provides comprehensive information about Coach Development and Player Development. The topics covered are wide-ranging but do focus on Key Factor Analysis of the skills of Rugby. This section also covers the Role of the Coach, Sport Psychology, Communication, Physical Preparation, Growth and Development, Skills Analysis and Teaching a Skill, so is a valuable tool for coaches at all levels.


This is a selection of articles to inspire, capture and energise all you coaches to become a better coach. James Mortimer and Ian Snook are our main contributors to this section and their knowledge and expertise should be a catalyst for development.

Rugby Laws

Links to all laws of the game.


New Zealand Rugby believes that coach education is a vital part of providing the best possible training for our players. By undertaking any upskilling you are demonstrating your commitment to coaching and to your players by seeking to develop your skills and knowledge.

New Zealand coaches have had to be innovative and constantly seek to find better ways of preparing teams in order to remain competitive – and you might just find something here!


Quick Rip is a game for all rugby players. It is a very safe, non-contact, easy-to-play game for both males and females alike. Best of all it’s fun and exciting for everyone. While the rules are simple and the game easy to learn, Quick Rip promotes excellent ball handling and running skills, and give all players a chance to participate in a game similar to the Rugby Sevens game. New Zealand Rugby is proud to recommend Quick Rip and we are sure it will give everyone a fun, safe and enjoyable sporting experience.

Toolbox Video Vault

This section is a place where we put up hours of footage that we believe will be helpful to all coaches, whether you are a Small Black or Senior coach.

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