Develop good technique and accuracy of the pass under pressure.


One ball for every nine players.


Nine players in each group.


10 x 10 metre grid.


As shown in the diagram.


  1. Players A, B and C run across the grid passing from Players A to B to C.
  2. Having crossed the grid, C passes to D, B must turn quickly to link the passes from D to E as the player D, B and E run back across the grid.
  3. Once across the grid E passes to F, B links the passes from F to G as these players F, B and G run back across the grid.
  4. Player G passes to H and the drill continues until B has run 10 shuttles.
  5. Players rotate until all have run as player B.
  6. Reducing the grid size puts more pressure on player B.


• The passer and receiver must communicate.
• Pass the ball in front of the receiver.
• Receiver run straight.
• Demand accuracy from the passer.


  1. Have two players run the shuttle, the first receiver doubling around the second receiver as they cross the grid.
  2. Place a tackle bag in the path of Player B. This has to be evaded.
  3. Two tackle bags are held in the path of B, who has the option of passing before reaching the bags, whilst running between the bags or after having run between the bags. The gap between the bags should be about 10cm.

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